My mower is a 2023 Ferris ISX 3300 60” cut and the EFI 40 hp vanguard.. I absolutely love the suspension!

It is equipped with the Ferris Stripe Kit part number 5601384 available at your local Ferris dealer.



My sprayer is a 2023 Z Turf equipment Z-Spray Max ZSX5260. The power of a skid sprayer without the effort of dragging hose!

I have added the foam marker kit 142-7070, led light kit 142-7876 and high volume kit 142-8700.


AERA-vator with Seedbox

My Seeder / UA-80 AERA-vator with a seedbox aka SEEDA-vator. Aerate, SEED and relieve compaction in one pass!

1st Products is a leader in turf equipment and well known for the AERA-vator. Did you know they offer six different shafts for the UA frame?  AERA-vator, Multi-tine, Slicer, Coring, Spiker and power seeder.

Striping Kit

Big League Lawn Roller Striping Kit

Whether you have a traditional gas-powered mower, a high-end zero-turn model, or even a newer electric option, the CheckMate™ striping kit seamlessly attaches to nearly any mower. This versatility in design ensures that no matter the type of mower you own, you can effortlessly enhance your lawn's aesthetics with crisp and professional-grade stripes.

Save 10% off your Big league lawn roller with TFF10.

ScenicRoad Wheel Barrel


The wheelbarrow that I use is the SCENIC ROAD M8-1T.

8 ft.³ wheelbarrow with the 6 inches wide Turf tire.

Spyker Spreader


Spyker 12volt spreader part# S80-12010

This spreader has 120 pound capacity and is powered by a 12 V motor.  It can be mounted to the front of your mower or your aerator.

FlowZone cyclone 2.5

FlowZone Cyclone 2.5

My backpack sprayer of choice is the FlowZone Cyclone 2.5. I also own the FlowZone Typhoon 2.5 if I am looking to put down 1 gallon per thousand.