A freak was born...the fescue freak.

Olee & Roscoe

In the early 2000s I started dreaming of a beautifully striped lawn. In 2012, I made my first step and purchased a brand new Ferris IS3100 zero turn mower. At that time, I didn't have the land, but I had a badass mower and a dream!

April of 2014 I got the keys to my dream home and 3 acres of opportunity. I was finally able to mow my own yard, but the existing trees, shrubs, and weeds were not at all what I wanted. I knew then it was time to start with a clean slate, so I got busy.

After months of excavating, adding a 12-zone irrigation system, and leveling 300 loads of dirt, it was time to start growing! 2,800lbs of lime, 500lbs of starter fertilizer, and 10 bags of grass seed later, we had germination! It was October 27, 2015, when I first saw those baby grasses and with them, The Fescue Freak was born.

I still had a lot to learn at that point and a lot of hurdles in front of me. I've had turf disease, drought, pests, and added another acre since then. Every year has brought on new challenges and with it, the opportunity to learn and grow in turf management.

Olee Poole